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Catomic: Space Cats and Atomic Owls

Catomic is an extremely addictive and easy to play match 3 puzzle. Combine grumpy cats and busy owls in groups of three to produce new characters. The aim is to help the cats fulfill their dream of space travels.

Android, iOS

Electrified Runner

A fast paced and action loaded endless runner game, presented in shiny comic style and taken place in an physically interactive environment. With complex moves, so there is more to it than just simply running. While keeping the controls reasonable simple. Handcrafted lit levels, monstrous bosses

Android, iOS

Carrot Time

Carrot Time is an Easter themed Maze Runner where you must feed you hungry rabbit as many carrots as possible

Android, iOS

Lit the Torch


“There are loads of great mobile games getting teased at the moment, and Lit the Torch is definitely one of them.”

-Pocket Gamer


Pinball BOOM

Action and arcade games related to pinball are rare. We decided to combine the interesting and entertaining gameplay of the tap action games and the free pinball games into one cool seasonally inspired game. Pinball BOOM is an action filled entertainer for gamers from all ages.

Android, iOS

Pool Party Panic

Take on the role of a lifeguard and keep your guests safe!
The heat will increase as the day progresses, and more and more guests will appear. Can you stay cool-headed?



Twin stick action game in retro neon space with various missions, cool weapons and smart enemies!


Binary Sparks

Use weather effects, electricity and dimension shifts to solve puzzles


Wip Casino

The social Casino made in ITALY

PC, iOS, Android


Die-mensions is a classic retro-style action platform game with a unique setting. You must find your way out of the dangerous dimension after getting separated from the others. Grab your weapon and start running towards the next destination.

iOS, Android


Mini-game madness interwoven with a narrated storybook! Enjoy the fantastic three-composer soundtrack as you solve puzzles, go on wild dolphin rides, practice Aikido, and do tricks on an undersea trampoline. Think this is just for kids? Let's see you beat all the minigames on Super Tricky, hotshot!

Linux, OSX, PC

Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.3 - New arcade mode

Written: Mar 12, 2017

Version 0.5.3 is here. Along with several fixes, you can now activate the Arcade mode in Game settings menu. If checked, all enemy sounds are changed: attack sounds, death sounds and...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.2 - New medieval playable character: The Crusader

Written: Mar 12, 2017

Version 0.5.2 is finally here. You can now play as the Crusader: a medieval character. As a crusader, you can hire medieval allies and buy superweapons based on magic. Don’t miss the full...

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Pool Party Panic / Start Open Beta Pool Party Panic

Written: Jan 26, 2017

So, here is the open beta. We are quite happy how far we have come with this game, but there are still lots of things to fix, upgrade and add. It’s also quite exiting to release our first game...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.1 - Christmas themed

Written: Dec 31, 2016

Version 0.5.1 is here. You can now play the new map Christmas Defense!

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.0 - New game mode and more gore!

Written: Dec 11, 2016

Version 0.5.0 is finally here. It features a new game mode: Survival. In this game mode the enemy spawn rate is higher and you can’t win: you should last as much as you can. This new game...

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First Impact: Rise of a Hero / Our Developer Blog

Written: Dec 5, 2016

For the most up-to-date information please head to

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Globerful / Globerful Devlog #5 | Fresh Paint And Core Mechanics

Written: Nov 14, 2016

Since the last time I posted one of these dev logs quite a bit has happened. But it can be pretty difficult to keep a dev log up to date while you're...

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Chromatique / Picasso Patch released

Written: Nov 7, 2016

We have just finished working on the Picasso Patch 0.7 for Chromatique.

For those who don't know, Chromatique is a color based puzzle board game where you have to match and combine...

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Ginger Roll / Just Tilt Your Device and Make the Ginger Roll

Written: Oct 29, 2016

For a bubbly new platform adventure, Ginger Roll will keep you coming back for more. Trapped in a ball, your mission is to roll your way across platforms to the finish while maneuvering around...

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HEPH / Progress Announcement Alpha

Written: Oct 25, 2016

Key Features Progress

- Character Status and Survival Mechanics Character status (Nutrition, Water, O2, Stamina and HP decay rate), SURVIVAL item...

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Shishi Origins III

Steam : greenlight - Greenlight
Shishi Origins III is a J-RPG with a unique character design inspired by the chibi style. The story is about an Oracle, a powerful mage that controls Time, who will have to save her world from strong enemies who seek the powers of the gods, which are powerful enough to destroy that world...

Trigger Time

Steam : greenlight - Greenlight Page
Trigger Time is a story-driven, top-down 2D shooter with gravity gun and physics puzzle elements


Steam : greenlight - HandyBot on Greenlight
HandyBot - catchy puzzle game!


Steam : greenlight - Steam Greenlight
A survival horror game, you'll find the experience of survival and resource management in enclosed space.

Red Barton and The Sky Pirates

Steam : greenlight - v PC & Mac Red Barton on Steam Greenlight
Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is an arcade flight simulation shooter reminiscent of Star Fox on N64 and the After Burner arcade. It's currently on Steam Greenlight - so please check it out, vote and drop us a comment!

Angel In The Dark

Steam : greenlight - Greenlight
A terrifying new audio & text-based narrative adventure, in which you can see exactly what your in game character can see - absolutely nothing at all!

Available to download from & vote for on Greenlight.

Super Gear Quest

Steam : greenlight - v1.0 Greenlight
Super Gear Quest follows an android called Starter, who has two advanced digital AIs called M01 and F01 inside him. Together they go on an adventure throughout what's left of the world after a great war.


Steam : greenlight - v0.0.7 Greenlight Page
Creative, combo-based Shmup, with bullet-hell and puzzle elements. The gameplay is fun, addictive, and challenging. The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more ways to create beautiful and deadly combos.