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2 wheels 4 life

Created by: FreneticGamez


  • arcade, driving/racing

"This is not the kind of motocross game that you can blast through levels by speed. It takes planning, timing and patience to complete the levels" -

“hardest challenge for a motorcross [sic] game ever,” gamers can expect a great deal of replay value as they struggle to reach the end of each level, and beat their previous times"

This is a free bike race game where you must fight hard and really show that you are a skilled driver to handle all the tracks , do you feel that you are a xtreme biker this might be the game for you .

You cant just race through the levels you need to plan the jumps and have full Control of your bike

On each level you have the opportunity to get bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal ... take you to the goal to unlock the next track .

On some tracks you'll need gold or better for the bike to get upgraded and improved , which is needed to clear all jumps and obstacles you will face

Pass specific levels to unlock new rim colors

Upgrades: Top speed, acceleration, braking , rotation and suspension

Controls: gas, brake, bounce (if you get stuck) and tilt (to rotate the bike), if you run without the tilt, use gas and brakes to rotate the bike .

Now 40 levels including low gravity and uphill levels ... are you a xtreme biker ? Do you have the skills ?

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* free bike race game

* hard but fun

* jump , jumping and jumps

* addictive gameplay

* different track types

* fun racing

* upgrades

A physics based bike race game , get 2 Wheels 4 Life now ! Its free !!!

Do you have any suggestion or ideas or just want more levels , get in touch :


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