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Created by: ANDi Games Ltd


  • co-op (online), casual, multiplayer (online)

ANDi - the free-to-install Android mobile gaming assistant app. Download the BETA version today!

ANDi is your personal mobile gaming assistant, finding new games we know you'll enjoy and connecting you with all your friends & family.

It can be a struggle to find the next great game to play on your mobile. We know because we were having the same issue. Not only does it take up to 15 minutes to find a game you may want to play, but 72% of games installed on mobile devices are played just once or twice before being uninstalled. ANDi wants to change the way we find, play and share games.

ANDi is your personalised gaming assistant that helps you choose the next game you want to play.

Using an assertive UI, powered by modern Machine Learning technologies, ANDi which knows the next game you want to play and when you’ll want to play it. ANDi takes care of your game management, placing them all in one place, making it easy for you to manage your library of games.

The world's first "Tinder for Games" lets you discover games in a more efficient system, learning from your preferences as you swipe.

Features coming soon:

Never have to search through the Play Store again! We'll find the games you want for you and show them to you when we know you want them.

Social profiles allowing you to stay up to date with your friends, family and co-workers. See what they are playing, their progress and make recommendations to others.

Easily share game content across ALL your social networks.

Download the ANDi BETA today from the Google Play Store and feedback directly to the team.




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About ANDi Games Ltd:

Founded in 2016 by Ben Woolf and Samuel Koch, ANDi Games Ltd is result of a long term frustration at finding relevant games of interest across a variety of platforms. ANDi Games Ltd is based out of London in the UK with staff and investors from all over the globe. ANDi, the personal mobile gaming assistant, will launch for Google’s Android OS initially with iOS to follow shortly afterwards. For more information on ANDi Games Ltd, please visit


  • iOS : development
  • Android : beta - V12 Download
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