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Created by: IdeaL editions


  • shooter, fantasy

Backdrafts is a game between shoot'em up and base defense.

You play a dragon assailled by waves of humans and you must constantly make decisions whether to protect priority your gold or your life.

Your attacks have a flame cost and your flame pool is not infinite: it empties quickly and regenerates slowly.

Stasis will allow you to recover a large amount of flames during critical moments. But, in exchange, you will not be able to do anything during the Stasis, which will make you particularly vulnerable.

This game is easy to play: touch the screen to launch a fireball and touch your dragon to enter stasis. (many other skills will unlock through the game).

We are currently running beta tests. Become a tester:

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  • Android : alpha
  • iOS : beta - 1.17
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  • Free: Yes
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