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Bee Invasion Shooter

Created by: Eyestar


Don't mess with those little bees! They are lovely, ferocious and coming fast to you in this 360º endless shooter! Tilt & Tap to play in a new 360º experience! - Enjoy a new and unique way to play! - Tilt up, down, left and right to find the bees in a 360º experience. - Look out, shoot and stop them before they build a deadly hive... if you can! - Collect tons of unique bees! - Enjoy colourful and hilarious animations! - Featuring super fun music, 80's retro style sound effects and lovely characters that fly unpredictably all around you! - Challenge your friends! - Share videos of your best games with Bee Invasion Shooter community and your social networks.


In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: Yes