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Created by: Goldmoon1337


  • first person, third person, rpg, strategy, mmo, sandbox, fantasy, family friendly, text based, 2d, 3d, multiplayer (online)

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is a browser-based multiplayer grand strategy game set in the mythic Renaissance era (1500s). Think of it as Eve Online meets Age of Empires. It’s a player-driven economy that has multiple play styles, so anyone from the casual gamer to the committed gamer can enjoy the game. ALWAYS free to play and NEVER pay-to-win. Choose to be a sovereign and build your own settlement, or a minister, helping others or yourself, encouraging teamwork not seen in this type of city-building game. From browser to 3D client on the PC to mobile phones, we are also working on Oculus VR to bring the game to life and add UI depth. You will also have the choice to use browser or 3D client. You don’t need to use both.

Our Browser client currently is in beta (pushing to release by October 2016) and our 3D client and Oculus VR is in Alpha stage.

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Browser Game: Steam Greenlight:… Download the 3D client here:

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Changelog: Keep in touch with our updates for our 3D client!

Here is our changelog for our Browser Game:


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