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Chimera Crusader

Created by: MansterSoft


  • retro, 2d, minimalist, text based, rpg, casual, family friendly

It's as minimal as an RPG can get!

The Dominicus Dynasty has been trying to expand their kingdom for generations, but a fearsome Chimera and its followers keep getting in the way. King Dominicus III has had enough, and orders his top Paladin to slay the menace. Before they'll be able to defeat it, they'll have to build up strength by slaying everything else in their path.

-Monochrome, Text-Based Graphics -Turn Based Fighting -Five Unique Enemies -Attackable Body Parts -Axes and Staffs -A Secret Quest

-Defeat the Golem to unlock the Valley -Some enemies are extremely difficult to defeat until you break a specific part of their body. -Elixir of Healing restores HP to 100% -Rune of Charging restores MP to 100% -Sleeping at your house restores MP & HP to 100% -Save Often!

This is a remake of MansterSoft's second game "Paladin's Quest". The original can still be downloaded on the MansterSoft website (you'll need DOSBox to run it).

The original "Paladin's Quest" was created 9 years ago when I was just learning to code. I personally hated RPG's, and was always more a fan of Arcade Games and a lot of the popular flash games of the time (though I did end up developing a severe Runescape addiction). Paladin's Quest was kind've a jab at how if you removed all of the story elements and adventure aspects of an RPG, it's just a number grower. In fact, the game was completely impossible to beat.

Despite this, Paladin's Quest received warm reviews from some close friends, so I added an overworld, balanced out the unfair stats, made it beatable, added some variation to fighting by adding the separate enemy body parts, and added a small amount of story. I like the look and feel of it, but at the end of the day, it's still a grind-fest.

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In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: No