Version 0.5.0 is finally here. It features a new game mode: Survival. In this game mode the enemy spawn rate is higher and you can’t win: you should last as much as you can. This new game mode is both single and multiplayer.

Gore has been improved. Zombies and characters not wearing a helmet have their head exploded on head shot. You can enable/disable this feature in game settings.

Now you can play more maps on each game mode. All Base vs Base maps now work on Classic Last Stand and Survival game modes. Deathmatch also has been adapted to Death at Nightfall and Underground Terror maps. Remaining maps are being gradually adapted to all game modes.

Current playable characters can’t hire medieval allies and can’t buy meteor attacks anymore. Those options will be available for playable medieval characters. Sadly, the new playable character, the crusader, is not ready yet. He still needs some work. In the mean time, modern characters can now buy an artillery attack.

This is the full 0.5.0 version changelog:

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.3f1
  • New game mode: Survival. You can’t win, there is no time limit and enemies spawn faster. All Base vs Base and Classic Last Stand maps supported
  • Base vs Base maps are now supported in Classic Last Stand game mode. Enemy buildings can’t be destroyed in Survival and Classic Last Stand game mode
  • More bosses for Halloween map
  • Improved Outpost Wars, Medieval Town and Desert defense maps lighting
  • Fire is now blocked while launching a grenade or performing a basic melee attack
  • Basic melee attack improved: attack rate increased from 2 seconds to 0.5. Pressing the button down no longer works: you should press each time you want to attack
  • Grenade throwing improved: improved animation and throw rate from 2 to 0.5 seconds
  • Gore: characters wearing a helmet no longer spills blood on head shot death
  • Gore: plain zombies and characters not wearing a helmet have their head exploded on head shot death
  • Gore: can be enabled/disabled in Game settings
  • Characters not wearing a helmet do not play death sound on head shot death
  • Death blood spill is no longer constant. It appears every two seconds
  • Modern characters cannot hire medieval allies anymore and cannot buy meteor attacks (meteor rain changed to artillery attack)
  • Optimized CPU usage
  • Improved <1080p screens compatibility on menu
Bug fixes
  • Fixed overlord animations
  • Fixed dinosaurs death animation
  • Fixed frag limit UI message not being synced on network (Deathmatch)
  • Fixed flash light not pointing forward while carrying a melee weapon
  • Fixed ranged IA not moving sometimes