Version 0.5.3 is here. Along with several fixes, you can now activate the Arcade mode in Game settings menu. If checked, all enemy sounds are changed: attack sounds, death sounds and floating damage font are 8-bit like. Bodies will also disappear faster in the ground.

Accuracy and explosions have been improved: now it is harder to aim if you are moving and easier if you are standing or crouched, and explosion’s light are a bit more real.

Full version 0.5.3 changelog:

  • New arcade mode: if checked (game settings), attack and death sounds are 8 bit like, body disappear faster
  • Floating damage text font changed in normal mode (no arcade)
  • Superweapons added to Akihabara defense map
  • Improved floating damage position
  • Improved explosions’ lighting effects
  • Improved accuracy: higher accuracy while standing or crouched, less when moving
  • Optimized Asylum map
  • Optimized GPU usage
Bug fixes
  • Fixed default graphic effects on first start
  • Fixed difficulty not being shown correctly in the scoreboard
  • Fixed game mode not synced correctly on clients. Clients were able to see enemy building health on non-base game modes
  • Fixed floating damage while playing with the crusader
  • Fixed Gore game setting option not being unchecked correctly