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Crash Force

Created by: AscanioEntertainment


  • third person, shooter, action, driving/racing, 3d, multiplayer (online)

Crash Force is a game where combat meets futuristic hovercraft technology, resulting to a multi-player arena third person shooting game, where players are encouraged to engage both strategical skills and fast reflexes to destroy their enemies.

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  • PC : beta
  • Steam : beta
  • Xbox One : beta
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  • In Game Purchases: Yes




Aquila Audax Remastering V.2

Written: Aug 1, 2016

In the middle of July, we had announce the remastering for Aquila Audax link to the article here:

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Aquila Minuta - Why to remaster a prototype

Written: Jul 29, 2016

Exciting news people, another one of our hovercrafts has been remastering lately and that vehicle is named Aquila Minuta! The base textures have been remastered and the vehicle has been painted...

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Teaser for New Map called Clava Tombs

Written: Jul 14, 2016
We have finalised our release/teaser for our new map! What do you guys think of the overall concept for this map? Are you as excited as we are? It is still a work in progress but we think this is... Read Article

Aquila Audax Remastered

Written: Jul 6, 2016

One of our vehicles, Aquila Audax, has been undergoing a remastering process in the past few weeks! It looks sharp, polished and above all deadly! Still a work in progress as we work to get the...

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