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OAKLAND, California — The Defend the Cake team is excited to celebrate the launch of their strategic and scrumptious Tower Defense game: Defend the Cake!

What inspired this all ages game that features grasshoppers with jet packs and snails with a rocket taped to their shell? “I had some ideas for a fantastical food-themed world with castles made out of cake, and Justin had ideas he wanted to explore for a more strategic tower defense game that focused on mazing as a core mechanic,” said Naomi Yee, Founder and Creative Designer.

The game is set amidst a bright, cheery, island kingdom of enticing desserts. Eggperor Shellmane has baked a castle full of desserts to share with his kingdom, but a variety of thieving bugs each want the cakes for themselves. Defend your Cake by building walls made of toast and a variety of delicious defenses.

Key Features

  • Tower Defense: requires strategic thinking and tactical timing to defend your Cake from an onslaught of hungry bugs
  • Strategy: Players shape the path that an onslaught of bugs will take in relentless pursuit of a delicious slice of cake.
  • All ages: Confectionery themed, whimsical, approachable art style.
  • Variety: 18 challenging levels with different terrain, enemies, and tactics.
  • Day/Night cycle: Plan defenses during the Day with no time limit. Fend off waves of bugs in real time at Night by Powering Up defenses.
  • Choices: 6 unique defenses with 2 upgrades each.
  • Deeper Challenge: Score Attack mode offers the opportunity for people to test the limits of their strategy against infinitely escalating waves of bugs.

For scrumptious screenshots, delicious key art, and more sweet details, take a taste of the press kit:


About Defend the Cake

Defend the Cake is an independent game team with alumni from Blizzard Entertainment and Riot Games. The team is distributed with members based in several locations across North America. The lead developers are Technical Designer Justin Klinchuch who worked at Blizzard Entertainment on Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm, Creative Designer Naomi Yee who has worked at Riot Games on League of Legends, Blizzard, and Magic Leap, and Technical Artist Toli Carter who has worked at Riot Games on League of Legends.

Learn more at or by following @DefendTheCake on Twitter and Facebook, or @PlayDefendTheCake on Instagram.