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Created by: GamesByDarryl


  • 2d, minimalist, casual, family friendly

A simple, casual math game where you add up Digits to the target number.

The more Digits you use the more points you get. But watch out! If you

go over the target you lose points.

BLITZ MODE. Are you fast enough to get the top score in Blitz Mode? The digits just keep raining down for 60 seconds! It's amazing!

EARN COINS: Earn GBD Coins by playing Digits! This virtual currency can be utilized across all Games By Darryl games and quite even possibly real world prizes! Start playing to day and stock pile your GBD Coins!

Can you get the most Digits?

Features: * Leader boards * Top score tracking (locally) * Easy to Play * Non Intrusive Ads * Exercise your digits * Exercise your brain * Earn GBD Coins! * Get Strong Thumbs!


In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: No