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First Impact: Rise of a Hero has been an absolute joy for us to develop in our studio. Around this time last year, our CEO, Keith Makse, came up with the idea of trying to create a game where the player can feel like a superhero. Keith wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of being a superhero, flying between massive buildings, throwing cars as though they were toothpicks and taking on a slew of enemies to feel almost god-like. With that, we at Red Meat Games put our heads together and came up with some initial concepts for a first-person superhero adventure. A few more ideas, some CMF funding and some VR equipment later, we started developing First Impact. So, what was our first step? I mean, we didn’t start out with this kickass website. We first combined what we knew about elemental powers and the superhero abilities that we have come to love about iconic heroes.

For those of you who were not around for the first phase of our game, First Impact was originally titled Super Hero VR. We wanted to create a VR game that was unlike many of the other tech demo-like experiences that currently exist on the Steam store. Imagine being able to run around at super speed, then jump like the Incredible Hulk and soar off into the sunset like Superman. Ambitious, right? These were some of the original ideas of the game, but since then we’ve made some changes. In First Impact, players will freely be able to switch between four elements - air, earth, water and fire. we included this flexibility not only to make players feel like Ang from Avatar, but rather to add some serious strategic elements to the game (haha, see what we did there!). Enemies that you fight will also have elemental advantages, meaning you’ll sometimes have to calculate which element to use in a fight in order to win.

After some more concepting, we came up with character models for players, enemies and NPCs. These models have, for the most part, all been incorporated into the game as our world has slowly taken shape. Over the course of the summer, not only did we change the name of the game to First Impact: Rise of a Hero, but we attended several comic book conventions and gaming events. Back in April, we showed the pre-alpha build of our game at EGLX. It was a fun time, and while it was only 3 hours, it felt like much longer because of all the people we interacted with. So far, the feedback has been very encouraging, which we’ve taken very seriously, since we want to make a fantastic gaming experience for players that is fun as well as engaging. That being said, First Impact is not just an action game filled with enemies to attack and defeat; it’s an action role-playing game with an immersive storyline written by our very own Judy Ehrentraut. Judy has crafted a world where your average life takes a turn for the extraordinary, as you learn to develop your powers while uncovering a dangerous plot by a powerful enemy race. Look out for our post on the story development process later!

Check out some of the key features of the game listen below. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list to be a tester, or just to know more about the game itself. We hope to update you as things progress, and look out for subsequent posts about some of the design decisions we made when crafting this superhero game!


  • Original story, music and characters for players to become familiar with
  • Control over the four elements: air, earth, water and fire
  • Superpowers such as super speed, flight and teleportation
  • Comic book-style art and environments
  • Designed and built for VR from the ground up, but available on standard consoles and PCs
  • Canadian-made and supported through the Canada Media Fund (CMF)

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