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Forge the Titans

Created by: WinkoGames


Ready to take control of Titans?

We are proud and happy to introduce you our first new RPG/RTS game currently in open beta on Android!

It's time to recruit pilots, upgrade and improve your Titans to conquer the worlds without forgetting to crush your ennemies's defense who might try and dare to stand in your way!!

Team player is more your game?

Don't waste a second and join an Alliance or found one to start inviting members & friends.

Where does it lead? Titans + Alliances + Battles? = Alliances Wars is on its way....

- Week after week, we release a new update with new content and features!

Register now and join our open beta:

Once enrolled, you'll be invited, plus you'll have the opportunity to chat with our Team to share feedback, ideas and make proposals See you ingame!


  • Android : beta
  • iOS : beta
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In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: Yes