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Created by: leDrien


  • action, adventure, arcade, physics, silly, platformer, 2d, cartoony

Rolling Head Gathernomoss is an atypical 2D platformer game that focuses on its universe and humor. The game will be out in early 2017.

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The Noble Gathernomoss has lost his body! He needs to travel accross the world to get it back. As a defensless head in a hostile world, everything can possibly hurt him. Fortunately, he will learn lots of special rolling head powers to help him in his quest!

You will experience a cruel yet rewarding gameplay with lots of different levels and situations. Encounter strange beings, other rolling heads, friends and foes, and even explosives baby heads!

The universe of the game mostly uses paintings of Hyeronimus Bosch, Bruegel the Elder and other renaissance artists in a "Monty Python" style, as well as authentic medieval music. It features lots of silly humor and weird situations.


  • PC : development
  • Steam : development
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