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Ginger Roll

Created by: irfmedia


  • 3d, arcade, platformer, adventure

Get ready to save the world from malevolent Iblis and his wicked minions. Join little Saif and his cute friends as they roll and dodge through countless levels, obstacles, platforms and enemies in this 3D adventure.

Ginger Roll is an arcade platform game featuring the ginger pint-sized hero Saif. He has been trapped by the evil child genius Iblis in a Zorb ball. Roll and dodge your way through the various challenges and levels that Iblis has set for you and stop him from world domination.

Ginger Roll has 60 beautiful levels spread out over 4 spectacular worlds. Watch out for Iblis’ minions as they will try to stop you no matter what in this fun platform game!

Dodge and roll past obstacles, moving platforms and Iblis’ minions in this great mobile arcade platform. Unlock Saif’s friends to play as them during the game as well as some funky outfits.

Features: - Tilt your phone to control the direction of Saif inside his ball. Make sure you don’t fall off the edge of the level or its game over! - With awesome power ups turn your zorb ball from a normal one into a basketball or even bowling ball! Each power up comes with its own special ability! - Collect cookies to unlock new power ups, costumes and characters like the Michael Jackson outfit or Karate outfit. - Fight and defeat Iblis and his minions.

Ginger Roll is the cutest 3D arcade platform game available on mobile yet! Download Now!


In Game Things:

  • Free: No
  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: Yes



Just Tilt Your Device and Make the Ginger Roll

Written: Oct 29, 2016

For a bubbly new platform adventure, Ginger Roll will keep you coming back for more. Trapped in a ball, your mission is to roll your way across platforms to the finish while maneuvering around...

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