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Created by: PKYXYZ


  • cartoony, 2d, family friendly, puzzle, physics

Globerful is a 2D, Sidescrolling, Puzzle, Platformer designed around colors. In Globerful your goal is to paint the level with color, once the level has been fully painted you move on to the next level. You do this by solving various color related puzzles. For example there is a beacon of sorts that will clear you of your current color when passing through it, as well as a button that will only work if you are a certain color.

Globerful also has a completely functional level editor that you can use to create and share your own levels! Globerful is expecting a release sometime in 2017.


  • Android : development
  • Linux : development
  • PC : development
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In Game Things:

  • Free: No
  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: No




Globerful Devlog #5 | Fresh Paint And Core Mechanics

Written: Nov 14, 2016

Since the last time I posted one of these dev logs quite a bit has happened. But it can be pretty difficult to keep a dev log up to date while you're...

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Globerful Devlog #4 | How I almost lost the entire Globerful project.

Written: Sep 24, 2016

In this Devlog, I'll be telling you a story as to what happened to me a couple of days ago and some easy tips as to how you can avoid it. Let’s get started.

So for a while Windows 10 was...

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Globerful Devlog #3 | Grids and Eyeballs

Written: Sep 13, 2016

It's been a couple weeks since I last posted a Globerful devlog but better late then never, right?

This past few weeks in Globerful development I finally added a fully functioning grid to...

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Globerful Devlog #2 | Complications are fun right?

Written: Sep 13, 2016

So within the past week since I posted the last devlog I had some pretty big problems occur, so that should be pretty fun for you to read about. so let's get started at the beginning.


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Globerful devlog #1 | Old vs New

Written: Sep 13, 2016

How does one start a devlog when Globerful has been in development for awhile now? Well, I suppose I'll start it off by listing a couple challenges I had in the early stages of development and...

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