• third person, shooter, horror, sci fi, 3d

“Getting the vessel safely home is the mission, the reason for our existence, it is the sole mission and the task must be accomplish …” In our quest to conquer the outer space, humans have strived to develop more and more technology geared towards achieving such conquest albeit less perfect but in all, it is a work in progress from all directions. “HEPHAESTUS” is the most advanced cutting-edge space technology there is, it embolden the best of skill and expertise in the field of advance space studies, which has been developed after a thorough investigation of all space accidents till date. We have successfully turned all the past tragedies into a learning curve to come up with a near perfect technology that had outpaced and outperformed any of such programs in it league. Game PlayBehold we present to you the best of its kind in the field of third-party survival horror game HEPH. A truly player experience game, where the player takes on the role of safely piloting the vessel home. The player here assume the role of an automated alpha male, freshly awake from a cryogenic slumber as a result of a malfunctioned vessel, to steer the vessel away from it unfortunate free fall and against all odds, pivot it back to it initial planned destination. How to ensure the vessel gets home with limited in most cases malfunctioned resources depends entirely on the ingenuity and the superior problem solving skill of the player and that is where the real fun is to be derived, hence the birth of the game plan! HEPH is the ultimate game, an all encompassing player’s game, where the player intuition is needed for survival making sure that all the crew and the ship succeed. It promises to be an hair raising and never ending exciting experience, and we will continue to build on the players feedback to make the game a more superb version that, most of our player would be proud to have participated in it making. Watch the trailer and log in to experience the real game its yours and truly so from now on ……welcome to HEPHAESTUS a.k.a HEPH!!!


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Progress Announcement Alpha

Written: Oct 25, 2016

Key Features Progress

- Character Status and Survival Mechanics Character status (Nutrition, Water, O2, Stamina and HP decay rate), SURVIVAL item...

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