Key Features Progress

- Character Status and Survival Mechanics Character status (Nutrition, Water, O2, Stamina and HP decay rate), SURVIVAL item (Healing Kit, Space food) and survival mechanics are complete. Now testing the system on alpha and balancing will be going on alpha

- Crisis Event Random crisis event mechanics are complete. The mechanics of crisis solving solution (Repair, mini-game) is done, but found a major bug. Develop team assume it’s have a problem from logical used in programming mechanics.

- Alien AI and Spawn Point The logic of Aliens AI are done, now we are trying to make them more natural and fearsome.

- Craft Item and Tools Craft tools and item mechanics are almost complete only work left is some mechanics of some tactical item.

- Weapon Craft and Customization All weapon (Pistol, Machine Gun, Shotgun and some Superior guns) status and crafting mechanics are complete, now we are testing bug and balance.

- Armor Craft and Customization The mechanics of armor crafting and customization are incomplete, it will be implement on Alpha 0.9.6

Optimization Issue

In the alpha we found that our game is used the computer resources on rendered game object too much, it was caused lagging problem on gameplay. So in the alpha we are working to decrease the resources used by zoning the game stage, the result is good but we think it can be better we’ll continue to find the best solution on the optimizing.

An occlusion problem that we found on the alpha is not yet fix. We are planning to do that after we finished the armor craft and customization.

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