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Hexa Words

Created by: underground


  • action, arcade, clicker, puzzle, family friendly, 2d

HEXA-WORDS is a word game in which your goal is to score the maximum points, finding words with 4 or more characters in an established time. Play in English or Spanish. For every minute of game that you complete, you will earn a BONUS. Form words by sliding your finger over the letters in any direction, you can even go backwards. When you release your finger from the screen, the word will be checked, and if is correct you will earn points depending on the number of letters and their points. For each correct word, you will be given some extra time. You can not repeat words. Combining four consecutive correct words, last word will multiplied it value by your BONUS + 1. In some fields there are gadgets that can help you searching for words by changing letters or moving them. Sending your score to the Global top 10, remember to put your name, or log with Facebook, in order to appear in the Top 10. Hope you enjoy the game!!! - See more at:


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