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Krydor – Space Pirate Arcade

Created by: hypsogames


  • retro, sci fi, 2d, 3d, low poly, minimalist, arcade, shooter, strategy, action, casual, endless, family friendly, space, survival

Rule the endless galaxy! Collect space treasure & evade the invaders! πŸš€

Are you ready for some fast paced old-school action?

Krydor: Space Pirate is an endless retro inspired arcade game!

Use quick action, strategy and tactics to survive and strive among the alien ships and asteroids in this vivid sci-fi arcade action game!

Will you remain a space cadet or will you become a hero? πŸ––

Get to know the 8+ different types of enemies, the evil galaxy invaders, and collect all their gold to your pirate chest! The invaders get tougher as you get further, so you will need to get better and upgrade your spacecraft to become ever more powerful!

As defender of the galaxy, it's time for you to get rich and become the pirate king of the stars in this retro arcade shooter!

Shoot the alien invaders with your missile ability like a shoot em up and use slow motion to evade the galaxians! Complete missions in the solar system & beyond, challange yourself and your friendsto see who can get further, unlock 9 explosive abilities, and customize and upgrade your rocket shipto help you on your way!

Are you ready for the challenge?


πŸš€ Get your reflexes ready for some fast-paced retro arcade action!

πŸš€ Old school 80s and 90s arcade pixel graphics with a modern 3D twist!

πŸš€ Simple, one thumb swipe controls!

πŸš€ Endless roguelike action on procedurally generated levels!

πŸš€ Fun and addictive non-stop gameplay!

πŸš€ 8+ different types of alien enemies!

πŸš€ UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZE your spaceship: INCREASE your SHIELD, your SPEED and your REPAIR amount!

πŸš€ UNLOCK & UNLEASH 9 extreme abilities!

πŸš€ Become the richest pirate in the galaxy! πŸ’°

πŸš€ Complete 50 specially crafted missions & 46 achievements!

πŸš€ Compete in Score & Time Attack Leaderboards!

How far can you go? πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€


In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: Yes




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