Indie developer Hypso Games has released a pulse pounding new arcade dodge’ em up about saving the galaxy via artful buccaneering called Krydor Space Pirate. As an outer space privateer it’s up to players to defend humanity from an invading alien armada by stealing all their treasure and using it to upgrade their arsenal so they can outmaneuver and outwit these hostile visitors. In each level players control their ship by swiping to fly it around a grid shaped arena filled with floating loot while progressively more intimidating enemy cruisers fire on them with a plethora of different weapon types. Players must outrun their attacks and collect all the space loot in order to clear the stage and progress to the next arena where even more enemy ships await. Collecting gold and staying alive will allow players to customize their pirate vessel, upgrade their stats, and unlock new abilities that will help them even the odds against their extraterrestrial foes. Arcade aficionados will have a blast with this enjoyable old school inspired survivathon.