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Kuros Classic

Created by: MyBoxGameStudio


Kuros Classic - Release Jan 31 - by MyBox Game Studio

Kuros Classic is a Cute yet Challenging Casual Puzzle where the use of logic is key.

Kuros Classic is a Cute yet Challenging Casual Puzzle where the use of logic is key to complete the levels and advance in the game.

It is played on a squared grid where some of the cells have Kuros with numbers that tells how many other Kuros he should see. Each cell has to be filled by either a Kuros (TAP once) or a rock (TAP twice). The goal is to find out how to fill the whole grid so that all Kuros with numbers see the correct amount of Kuros and no cell is left blank.

Game Features:

● Five beautiful and challenging worlds with more than 150 levels.

● Magic Gems that can be used as hints to help you fill the board.

● Delightful graphics with the most cutest and furry characters.

● Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master.

● More than 30 Achievements to unlock.

● Ranking Leaderboard to compare and compete within the Kuros community.

● Help Tutorial with easy and interactive instructions always at hand while playing.

● Players that Facebook Connect can also check their own personal leaderboard, showing and comparing the progress with Facebook friends.

● 10 Different languages available to play to fully enjoy the game.

Kuros Classic Worldwide release is planned for January 31, 2018 (Wednesday), and we have been closely working with the Stores to have as much impact and visibility as possible.

The game is coming out for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPhone X, iPad and iPod Touch), Apple TV, iMessage and Amazon App Stores.

Please find land page below

A big thanks in advance for all your support!

Santiago Arin ´sKuvy´

MyBox Game Studio


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