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Created by: IBwWG


  • retro, third person, 2d, clicker, driving/racing, puzzle, simulation, rpg, action, cartoony, family friendly, fantasy, visual novel

Follow Willy and Mathilda on their neo-retro houseboat adventure! Through a series of mini-games interwoven with the original book narrated by its author, discover the imaginative world of the two traveling neighbours and the friends they meet along the way.

Features include:

10 minigames covering 6 genres (educational, side-scroller, anti-beat-em-up, trampoline simulator, puzzle, and hidden object)

Beautiful and unique cut-out animation and artwork derived from the book by Michael Torreiter, displayed in HD (1080p) glory

A gorgeous soundtrack of original compositions by Jennifer Field, Ashton Mills, and Dustin van Wyk

The charming original story narrated (with subtitles) by Michael Torreiter

Authentic voices from Willy and Mathilda themselves throughout the game

Replayability through each minigame having pre-set difficulty levels and/or Play What You Can mode, where you play as long as you feel like for points

Even more replayability from a meta-game of strategic character stat improvements

A celebratory stickerbook / painting activity, unlocked when you finish the game

A delightfully quirky announcer who optionally reads all on-screen instructions and buttons for you


In Game Things:

  • Free: No
  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: No