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Created by: SkyburnGames


  • multiplayer (online), 2d, arcade, shooter, action, survival


When players start a new game, they will automatically be dropped in a big map with a lot of other players. When the game starts, players start exploring the map in order to find some weapons, equipment and each other. Use your cunning to sneak up to other players, go in gun blazing or perhaps make a temporary friendship with them. Use all your skills to thin out the herd of other players. Use pistols, SMG's or assault rifles to fill them with holes or perhaps rocket launchers or snipers are more your style?

Use equipment like a fish tank with delicious fish to refresh yourself or throw mice filled with explosions towards your opponents. Each encounter is tense: roll, shoot, use explosions and kill your opponent or fight another day and try to flee from your opponent. Hiding and waiting for your prey can be a tactic but be aware that more curious explorers tend to find better weapons. While the cat population slowly diminish in a game, vicious dogs will popup around the map pushing the remaining cat population towards its center. In the end there is no escape, you have to kill or be killed!


  • PC : development
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