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Monsters Express

Created by: Aurorainno


  • 2d, arcade, action, cartoony, endless


Monsters Express is a game set in a modern metropolis entirely inhabited by friendly monsters. The city boasts several dynamic local businesses, one of which is Monsters Express. It’s a leading courier delivery service company of the Monster city. All its employees have a perfect work record as all parcels have always been delivered on time since the creation of the company.


Monsters Express is an endless runner game taking place in a lively city filled with amiable monsters. Players will be in charge of a team of monsters working for Monsters Express. Conscious of the importance of their mission and to maintain the position of Monsters Express as the best delivery company, players have to entirely cover every district of the city by delivering parcels to their impatient customers. In order to complete every single level of the game, players have to draw their way through multiple obstacles. Those include vicious enemies, traps, bees and many more. The gameplay consists of directing the monsters between lines to reach their customers as fast as possible and to collect various bonuses and coins on the way. Players’ performance will be based on their delivery speed and the number of coins collected. The more skillful they are, the higher players will climb in the friend and national ranking.

Players will have the opportunity to play with a total of 18 fun characters with 3 different unique attributes: fast, stop and bumpy moves. Two types of booster and 3 types of item are also available to support players with their challenging missions. The game also offers four different environments with a variety of challenges: Rocky Mountain, Frozen Coast, Flaming Tribe and Sky Midtown.


A leader-board will be displaying the performance of all players who logged-in to their game with Facebook. Thrilling weekly rewards will be waiting for all participants. All players will be ranked according to their performance in the game. The will have various ranking modes: rank with Facebook friends and national ranking.


To enhance game experience, players can challenge their friends on leaderboard with the highest score every week. The top players get different rewards such as coins.


Use Facebook connect to play against your friends

Weekly leaderboard with 2 types of ranking: friendly and national

Wide range of monsters to unlock

Level up your characters and use awesome weapons

Original 2D running game with line drawing mechanic game

Different trials with unique traps and design in each district


None at this time.

In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: Yes