• adventure, puzzle, sci fi, space, 2d

O-R-B is a puzzle adventure game where you guide our falling star - Orb - through a series of puzzles and horizontal side scrolling challenges. Your goal is to find and collect the 12 shattered fragments of the galaxy hidden around an alternate dimension called the Puzzleverse.

Orb will have to build up his strength if he is to face the final Wormhole Challenge, and defeat Ophiuchus - the evil force behind the terrible fate of the universe.


- 140 Puzzles

- Over 20 unique puzzle elements

Lightblocks, Lightbridges, Panels, Timed Panels, Switches, Bullet hell Turrets, Deflectors, Teleports, Blockers, Electric Gates, Feather blocks, Gravity Blocks, Rotators, Orb Catchers, Hunters, Watchers, Guards, Assassins to name a few

- 12 Wormhole / Reflex challenges

- 6 Unique upgrades and items which will help you solve the puzzles:

Pulse, Sprint, Hop, Translocate, Harpoon and X-Ray Vision

- 6 Unique upgrades and items which will help you through the wormhole challenges:

Pulse, Bash, Charge, Backblast, Time Stop and Atomic Pulse

- Incredibly awesome atmospheric sound track

- Early adopters will get access to the in-game level editor to create their own levels

The Puzzleverse

There are 12 constellations buried within the Puzzleverse, each with a set of their own unique puzzles, special items and collectibles. Aside from a hidden galaxy fragment, there are at least 2 of 4 additional special items hidden away for Orb to find. These could be either a health increase, a shield increase, a Puzzleverse skill unlock or a Wormhole Challenge skill unlock.

Wormhole Challenges

When Orb travels from one constellation to another, he has to do so via wormholes. It is here that you get to put your reflexes to the test and help Orb travel safely through dangerous asteroid belts in pursuit of another falling star. For Orb to successfully complete a Wormhole Challenge, he will need to have collected the skill unlock hidden away in the previous constellation. Examples of these skill unlocks include Pulses, Dash, Back Blast and so on.

Each constellation gets increasingly more difficult to reach, but once Orb has collected the final galaxy fragment he will be strong enough to face the final wormhole challenge, and unite the fragments in the center.

Work in Progress

Since I am running solo on this project, I would absolutely love to hear your feedback and suggestions as every little bit counts!


  • PC : development
  • Android : development
  • Steam : greenlight - 0.1 ORB Greenlight
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