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Otter Bash

Created by: NoTime Studios


  • multiplayer (local), 3d, arena, action, party game

Otter Bash!!! The Otters have escaped their habitat and are now wreaking havoc for world dominance. Battle your friends with the cute and adorable little critters. Destroy your opponents with unique weapons; dousing each other with Tar Balloons, smack them with the nifty Taco Boomerang, shove them into your "Portable Oven" and see them roast!!


- Play with bots or with up to 4 friends in local versus multiplayer.

- Choose one of 7 mischievous Otters and create otter chaos.

- Equip up to 8 unique weapons, including Taco boomerangs, Otter roasting ovens and good ol’ fashioned shotguns.

- Brawl in 6 different locations.

- Controller and Keyboard support. Play with two people on a keyboard, 4 on controller or any mix of the two.

- With continuous new content filled updates.


  • PC : development
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