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Created by: Grant Cawood


Perso is a time consuming puzzle game which began development in late 2015. The world seems like a small place with not many prospects. After exploring your surroundings, you will discover that all you need to do is change your view of the world and the world will open up to you. Or maybe it won’t, maybe it will reject you. Either way you will have to try. What progress will you make otherwise?

Perso has a story alongside it's puzzle elements. The story will motivate you to explore, and a certain amount of dedication will reveal more than expected. The story is driven predominately by relics which are found throughout the world, and you must collect them.

Along your journey you will find things that resemble yourself, only to find that they have the ability to overcome obstacles you have faced in the past and are sure to face again! Who are they? How are you controlling them? Why do they help you in your quest?

Can they all be trusted?


  • PC : development
  • Steam : development
  • Linux : development
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