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Pixel Assassin

Created by: DevZek


  • 2d, platformer, action, adventure, fantasy

ixel Assassin is an indie action platformer game that takes place in medieval fantasy world.

In Pixel Assassin you play as Tormentor, a feared hitman who has sold his soul to an evil god in exchange for amazing powers that he uses to assassinate targets for his master. Jump, leap, fight, stab, slash, sneak and do your best to help Tormentor complete his missions and finish his evil master’s grand plan!

Assassinating targets has never been this fun! Use the environment to gain an advantage over your enemies, sneak in the shadows, and when they least expect it: END THEM!


16 unique handcrafted levels with various objectives and enemies 3 challenging boss fights 3 completely different areas to explore (Kingdom in forest, dungeon ‘s in desert, snowy island and more to come!) Unique enemies to kill Friendly NPC’s to interact with Multiple ways to assassinate targets Rich and complex story Beautiful backgrounds by Littlepinkmess Original soundtrack by Joshua C. Forrest


  • iOS : published
  • Android : published

In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: No