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Pool Party Panic

Created by: Outlaws Studio


  • 3d, low poly, simulation, action, cartoony

Take on the role of a lifeguard and keep your guests safe!

Take control of multiple pools and keep your guests as happy as possible. Make sure your guests don't get to hot, or they will burn to a crisp! Make use of all the tools a lifeguard has! Whip your guests into pools with your towel, open parasols, take aim with your super-soaker, drop ice-cubes and much more!

The heat will increase as the day progresses, and more and more guests will appear. Can you stay cool-headed?

Features - Fast-paced management. - Colourful visuals. - Fast levels. - Quick decision making gameplay - Burning guests.


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  • Advertisements: No
  • In Game Purchases: No



Start Open Beta Pool Party Panic

Written: Jan 26, 2017

So, here is the open beta. We are quite happy how far we have come with this game, but there are still lots of things to fix, upgrade and add. It’s also quite exiting to release our first game...

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