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Red Barton and The Sky Pirates

Created by: schismworldwide


  • third person, shooter, action, arcade, simulation, fantasy, retro, 3d, cartoony

Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is an arcade combat flight shooter reminiscent of games like Star Fox back on the classic N64, and the legendary “After Burner" arcade. It's set in an imaginative and original cartoon style steampunk world with gorgeous hand-drawn illustration quality in-game graphics. The player is thrust into the role of Red Barton, a pilot of a steampunk-style World War I era fighter airplane fighting his way through a menagerie of enemies in four different themed worlds, on a mission to save his love and honor.

We are enthusiastic gamers and when we set off to make something truly amazing we were looking into what we were missing out there. We wanted to offer something beautiful, innovative and unique as is the Way of the Indie. Being massive fans of action genre our natural instinct was simple - to make more of the kind of games we want to play, which is why Red Barton is in front of you with it's crazy pace, beautiful graphics, fluid gameplay and dynamic soundtrack.

Game features:

- Player vehicle and weapon customization

- Custom designed textures and graphics based on unique Art Direction

- Custom designed tile sets offering high level of replayability.

- Visual effects (Motion blur, PBR, volumetric smoke and explosion)

- Universe expansion including new levels,enemies, new factions, new quests and storylines.

Development of the PC & Mac version of the game is our core project and goal as we want to release an amazing gaming experience running on the strongest hardware available. We are a small but very passionate team of creators, and we can't wait to get this game on Steam for you to enjoy.



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In Game Things:

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