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Shishi Origins III

Created by: ShiCompany


  • rpg, adventure, fantasy, exploration, 3d, cartoony, jrpg

Shishi Origins III is an RPG inspired mostly by Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Quest and Tales Of series. The adventure takes place in a Medieval style world with some Steampunk elements.

In this role-playing game with a story about Time and Space, you will meet Elia, who is an Oracle – a powerful mage that can use Time Magic, and Ethan, who is the King and who will follow her new friend in an adventure that will change the fate of a Kingdom at the dawn of destruction.


Unique Battle system which combines turn-based and real-time events. Use special attacks or transform your character to be able to beat powerful enemies. Preemptive Strike mode where you can attack before the enemies see you. A huge world to explore with an Overworld map where you travel across land and sea. Help the Kingdom's villagers in exchange of gold or items by doing quests for them. Find Items with secret powers to used inside and outside battles. A Skills Upgrade System to improve your magic or sword skills with the experience earned in battle.

A story about Time and Space

Shishi Kingdom Since the end of the Great Shishi War, the Kingdom is experiencing a period of great prosperity and the capital, the Castle Town was entirely rebuilt and again became an important commercial city. The Kingdom also has a new army and a fleet of ships and airships. With this new Royal Army, no one would be able to face the Kingdom and a new war would be unthinkable. The Empire of the Elves has even been dissolved following their defeat several years ago, but have not yet chosen to join the Kingdom.

The Oracles We thought they disappeared for centuries, but it seems that a new Oracle was recently chosen by the Goddess of Time. The Oracles of Time are prophets sent by the Goddess to accomplish a task given by her. The Goddess also gives them a part of her powers and entrusts them the Time Rod, a sacred weapon that allow its user to use powerful magic techniques. Unfortunately, if the Goddess chose an Oracle after all this time, this can only mean one thing, the world is in danger...


Ethan Ethan is the king of the Shishi Kingdom. He trained to use a sword since his young age and knows several water magic skills. His main weapon is a sword made of two blades.

Elia Sent by the Goddess of Time, Elia is an Oracle which have the task of saving the world. With her right eye, called an Eye of Time, she can see what another version of her in another Timeline sees at the same moment. It is that same eye that has showed her an event that will bring the world to an end...

The Kingdom's enemies Since their master got injured in his last battle, these three knights were sent by him to steal the Powers of the Gods, which includes those of the Goddess of Time and the God of Space, in order to rule the world. With those powers, they will be able to awaken a much powerful energy that can destroy the world with evil intentions. Each one of these knights have unique abilities coming from the soul of a sacred beast, respectively the Shark, the Tyrannosaurus and the Basilisk.


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