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SOS Atlas

Created by: ThirdGateStudios


  • first person, shooter, adventure, fantasy, sci fi, procedural, exploration, 3d, multiplayer (local)

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SoS is a science fiction fantasy adventure game. Your character hears the distress call from a support armada on a mission to deliver supplies to suffering planets. The ships were ambushed by the Gorkrun with your father on board! To avoid total defeat, the ships split up, with many crash landing on various planets. You are the only person nearby who hears the SOS message; it is up to you to answer the call.

The universe is full of mystery and adventure. While many fear and run from the Gorkrun, the young and hopeful Kit takes them to battle. You will uncover origins of the Gorkrun and stories of a war between humans and machines; all while searching for your father and rescuing the innocent.

Player generated maps

SoS allows players to build procedurally generated worlds. You have entire control over the land mass, temperature, mountains, sea levels, rivers, and foliage. Using these tools, you can jump from planet to planet rescuing the captive survivors and uncover the whereabouts of your father. To find and rescue the survivors, you must decipher clues to locate the type of planet they are on.


SoS is a fast paced first person shooter that gives you choices on how to fight. When you find the survivors, you will see them captured by the Gorkrun. Several enemies will be guarding these captives. Decide to fight these guards guns a-blazing, or take a more advantageous position to surprise them.

Once the guards are scrap, you will begin your evacuation call to get your survivors to safety. Enemies will be alerted to your evacuation signal and waves of Gorkrun will rush to your position. Protecting the innocent survivors is your priority, so fight off the Gorkrun till you're able to safely evacuate the survivors.

Learn how to set up blockades and traps to deal with increasingly powerful enemies. Disable and hijack Gorkrun to fight on your side. Aim carefully, Gorkruns' legs and arms can be targeted and disabled to prevent them from fighting. At this point, their main purpose in life is to be the last thing you see before they explode, so try not to die.


  • PC : development
  • Steam : development
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