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Spirit Saga : Origins

Created by: AvidAnimeFan


  • rpg, action, adventure, fantasy, 2d

Visit the SS:O Press kit for a link to the playable demo of the game, or visit here: Demo Link


Spirit Saga : Origins is an Action-Adventure JPRG styled game which features dynamic skill use and innovative combat. You assume the role of an initiate Hunter of the Legion. Your goal is two-fold, act as sword and shield for the human race and uncover the mystery behind the Gaia Beast revolt.

The during first-day of your training you are ambushed by a dangerous Gaia Beast and mortally wounded. Miraculously enough, you survive and inherit new abilities. This "Spirit Power" allows you to form your mental energy at will -- your particular talent is the creation of weapons! Choose from 12 different weapon types and augment them using powerful enchantments. Battle your foes as you switch between weapon forms effortlessly and call forth the power of the spirits to smite your foes. Will you survive the Spirit Saga?

Features Customize your skills and weapon forms using the power of your spirit. Craft the items you desire whether its armor or potions. Fluid Dynamic Skill use enhances gameplay without breaking from the action. The game is driven forth by a player built content engine. Create then sell potions and items to your fellow adventurers. Character building allows you to tailor build your character and define a role based upon the skills you choose to use throughout the game. Challenging and outright deadly enemies will challenge your abilities every step of the way - some may even require the might of a party to be felled...


  • PC : development
  • Steam : development
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