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Swim Out

Created by: MatLoz


  • retro, 2d, minimalist, puzzle, sports, strategy, casual, family friendly

Swim Out is a strategic, turn-by-turn puzzle game where you control a swimmer who wants to get out of a pool, a river or the sea without touching any swimmers.

The player must think about each move to avoid contact with any other swimmer. He can pick up balls and buoys and throw them to other swimmers, use dipnets, waterguns, and even ride a kayak!

However many elements will make his journey harder: divers, boomerang throwers, fishermen, water-bombing kids, crabs, large waves, jellyfishes, … the water is filled with dangers!

Swim Out is planned to be released this summer.

You can help developer by upvoting Swim Out on Steam Greenlight.

You want to try Swim Out now ? A demo is available (<50 Mo) with the firsts levels.


  • PC : development
  • Android : development
  • iOS : development
  • OSX : development
  • Linux : development
  • Steam : greenlight
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