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The Viking Bunnies

Created by: noahbwilson


Viking Bunnies is in development. It is (hopefully) due out late 2016.

The Viking Bunnies is based on a series of kids books I write, but I assure you, the books are not JUST for kids. The Viking Bunnies are Thora the Wise, Lars the Brave, Steve the Slow, and Captain Fuzzy the Arrogant. They are not actually vikings (in the lore of the world, they are technically Farm Bunnies), but they have aspirations for adventure and treasures. Within their world are many other groups such as The Ninja Hamsters, The King Crabs, The Pirate Pigs, The Medieval Chickens, The Miner Moles, The Garbage Rats, The Science Lizards, and one very helpful Senor Spider.

The game itself is a mixture of a Legend of Zelda (top view, RPG elements), Grand Theft Auto (sandbox world, do what you want), and Gauntlet (lots of enemies!). You can sail anywhere in the world you want to go as you search for Levels. The search for the Levels is very free-roaming, but once you find a Level, it is a bit more straight-forward with objectives (and maybe a boss!). Completing Levels awards you Stars, and Stars are needed then unlock more areas and Levels. Each Level also has cinema scenes, cartoons, skits, and general goofiness. While it is kid-friendly, it is not a game just for kids.


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