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Time To Shoot

Created by: Matt Barber


  • shooter, action, arcade, sci fi, 3d

Time To Shoot is an isometric action shooter, featuring plenty of mechs, destruction and explosions! The game is currently in development and has already been Greenlit for release on Steam for PC & Mac, with a launch date TBA in 2017.

The gameplay of Time To Shoot is fast paced combat with intense waves of enemies on screen, with environmental destruction through in for good measure to add to the mayhem! Each stage will have multiple routes, side objectives, hidden areas and collectables.

Through the games campaign mode you will take control of the latest mech of a law enforcement squad tasked with driving back a well equipped machine army of unknown origin. A battle that will take place across a variety of environments, ranging from a modern Japanese city, experimental weapon labs, industrial districts and many more. As well as the campaign mode, Time To Shoot will feature a Time Trial / Time Attack mode, arena mode and boss mode. A local 2 player co-operative mode is something I am also very keen to bring to the game, however this is still to be confirmed at this stage.

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  • PC : development
  • Steam : development
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