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Trex and Muscle SAM A new Kickstart

Created by: Miciosegone Games


  • third person, 2d, adventure

“TREX and Muscle Sam: A new Kickstart!” is the new installment in the “TREX and Muscle Sam” universe, born in 2009 with the game “TREX and Muscle Sam: Big Trouble in SPF” and extended with the Italian comic series in 2010, comprised of 25 episodes.

This new game is a sort of reboot, this means the story of the original game and the comics are nullified, but the setting and the characters are the same.

Two failed tag team wrestlers, TREX and Muscle Sam, try to achieve success with unorthodox methods, but in the end who plays with fire gets burned!

The setting is a world where pro wrestling is real: the wrestlers are not acting, they’re actually the character they play and the storylines are real life.

The two protagonists, TREX and Muscle Sam, are the sons of two legends of the tag team wrestling, and now they work in the same company where their fathers had a fundamental role in its creation.

Unlike their fathers, TREX and Sam are not very successful on the ring and don’t have many fans.

TREX is an egocentric maniac that tries desperately to achieve success, but is actually an insecure nerd on the inside. He’s Muscle Sam childhood friend and he’s one of the few people that can understand what he says.

Muscle Sam most distinctive tract is that he’s an anthropomorphic cat, but it’s not a weird occurrence in a world where everyone impersonates their gimmick. He’s not a very talkative guy, mostly because very few people can understand what he says. What Sam thinks is a mystery: sometimes he acts like a very brilliant person, sometimes like an instinctive animal.

The game has a classic graphic adventure game interface, very reminescent of the old 90s style. The cursor can be changed with a mouse click between the verbs: walk, talk, interact, look.

On the bottom of the screen you can read the clickable items’ name when the mouse passes over them. At the top there’s an interface with the switch character button, the inventory and the control panel button.

One of the special features of the game is the possibility to change the player character between the two protagonists. Some of the puzzles can be solved only by one of the two characters: TREX acts primarily guided by reason, Muscle Sam sometimes act guided by the instinct and he can make things that TREX don’t want to do. Also, Muscle Sam can’t talk in depth with humans but he can understand the language of animals and communicate with them.



  • PC : development - First playable demo DEMO
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