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Trivia.Town - Quiz Duel

Created by: Jon_Wichmann


  • multiplayer (online), puzzle, family friendly, party game

Who the H*LL needs another quiz app...?

Well. You do. At least if you are anything like the 200 test persons who have played “Trivia Town” day and night for the last two months. They are from 18 to 70, men and women, academics and handymen, hardcore gamers and people with virtually no computer/phone skills. In other words... Pretty much anyone who can press a few buttons on a screen and finds competing fun.

Q: There are loads of quiz apps already. What sets Trivia.Town apart?

A: It is made by three brainy geeks who decided that the world needed a REAL trivia game.

These pale, deskbound people have BANISHED stupid interruptions and made sure that you can take on the entire world if you like. Or you can simply show yourfriends that you are the master of the quiz universe.

Here is why people can’t put Trivia Town down:

- 20.000 questions in 10 categories. It is a REAL challenge!

- New questions in every game. All of them with an explanatory picture.

- NO silly powerups. Fair play for all... ... And no popup-ads!

- Challenge your friends (or foes), real time or whenever they accept your challenge

- Or challenge ANYONE in the world!

- Ranking is taken seriously. Follow yourself and your friends when you like.

- Add new questions wiki-style and see how well they do.

- Finally: Did you know that Tacos de Sesos means BRAIN tacos..?! Or that you can get FISH SPERM sushi in L.A.? With Trivia Town you will be the master of every conversation!

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