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Created by: Rotorist


As the civil war waged in a small Eastern European country for the past two years, it is becoming harder and harder to survive in the war zone. Most citizens have fled, but many are stranded deep with little food, water and medication to survive on, let alone having money to pay for a way out.

WARZONE is a single player top down 3D shooter which puts player in the midst of waging war, as a journalist who ventured into the war zone to find the truth behind the atrocity. Along the way player will meet other civilians and combatants alike, and may choose to help or fight against them. Some will join player's party, and some will attack player on sight, its all up to the player to make the best decision.

WARZONE will feature pausable real time combat with modern firearms. As untrained civilians, player must outwit the enemies with tactics, and being able to pause in the middle of heated firefight allows player time to think it through. In addition, as each character in player's party get more experienced, their combat skill will also improve.

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