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Witty Ways

Created by: DKos


  • 2d, puzzle

Are you the smartest player around?

Witty Ways is a competitive puzzler for Android devices that combines the rubiks-cube-like challenge of moving colored elements into the right positions with the shape-popping fun of a casual matching game.

The game offers you 200 addictive puzzles and a nearly infinite number of ways to solve them. Sounds easy? Well, it becomes surprisingly tricky really soon. There's a wide variety of level layouts and additional obstacles introduced over time will truly test your wits.

Players can compare the number of turns it took them to solve a set of puzzles with the results of other players all over the world. Are you the smartest player around? Play the game and find out!

Witty Ways will keep you engaged, whether you‘re a puzzle novice or a true logic ninja!

Key Features:

* 200 tricky puzzles in 18 categories

* Find your very own way of solving each level

* Compete with other players via Google Play Games

* Additional obstacles introduced over time will challenge even the best of players

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About the developer:

Trilight Visions is a one man indie game studio based in Cologne, Germany. The man behind it, Daniel Kosig, created music videos, advertisements and short films for years before shifting his focus towards the development of mobile games. Witty Ways is the first game released by Trilight Visions.


In Game Things:

  • Free: Yes
  • Advertisements: Yes
  • In Game Purchases: Yes