What have I done? The quick basics:

I have created this website as a home for games. Every game gets its own profile page, with some features that I personally wanted as a game developer. I'll go into more detail into those features shortly. There is also a social media aspect to this site, which I hope will give games additional exposure.

I created this site while trying to figure out how to get eyes onto one of my games. In my search I couldn't find a good website for games or games in development. Twitter and the such kinda works, but the real time aspect of it can be a pain in the ass. So I decided to build Gamebrew.

Let's start off with a game profile page. You can see my games here, Poopadoop which is finished and Candy Canyon which is still in development. You have the description where you can add whatever links you want. You've got screen shots, videos, gyfcats and articles. The profile page at a quick look should give a good understanding of your game.

Email me about releases.

The feature which I think is most important is letting people sign up to know when your game is done. It's not only when the game is published, but it also has states for beta, alpha, and published. ( Greenlight is in there as well for Steam.) For example, when your game reaches Alpha for Android.

If someone signs up for that, they will not get any other emails. They will only get the emails for what they've signed up for. I'm hoping this will lead to more signups as there is less of a worry that their email will get spam.

This lets anyone that is interested in your game sign up for notifications and then continue along their merry way. You have that interest captured. And you can see a count of how many people are signed up on your profile page.

I find this is a large improvement on something like twitter. On twitter, you can post that your game is done, but that announcement can get lost quickly in someone's feed. Here, the user gets a direct email.

Even if the social media aspect of the site doesn't work for you, the profile page should still work to capture those people wanting notifications.

The social media part of the site.

Similar to other sites, you can follow a game or user. Instead of likes we keep the brewing theme and have cheers instead. We also use a beer stein icon.

If someone you're following cheers something, it will show up in your feed. Which we hope to be a good way to keep exposure on a game. If someone adds a video of their game which is a “shut up and take my money!” sort of situation, you'll probably see it reflected in your feed as people you follow cheers it.

Only want to know about updates on a game? Then you'll want to only follow the game and not the developer.

Also, people are free to comment on whatever you post, which should be great for feedback. Comments are threaded (shallow thread), so that you can reply to certain ones. As for moderation, we're letting each developer moderate the comments on something they've created. The same goes for users that have added stuff.

Sticky Notifications

We have created something called sticky notifications for important things. For Facebook there is a special notification for birthdays. Those are important dates for people. For games we've deemed them going from development to published as an important event for a video game.

As a game goes up the development tree, they get sticky notifications. They appear in the right column of your feed, and on the notifications page. They will stay there until you've dismissed them. Or until the notifications get wiped from the database. (roughly 30 days from this writing).

Important note: these only appear for games that you have followed.

The streams

By breaking up and organizing data on the website, we've been able to create public streams for all games. The media stream shows the latest videos, images and gfycats. This is great if you want to see what everyone is currently working on.

The video stream only contains videos. Also because it's videos, this stream won't be as busy as the other ones.

Trailers stream should be even less busy. It also has a catch. You can only be on this stream once per game. So be careful when you post your trailer. If you're developing your trailer and looking for feedback, you might want to post it as a normal video first, get feedback, make changes. Then post it as a trailer. You can change your trailer, but it won't re-appear at the top of the stream.

Because the trailer stream will be less busy, and will be showing quasi-finished projects. We didn't want it to be something that could be spammed or gamed. It should be a nice place for people to look at finished or almost finished games.

Articles stream will just have articles that games have published. In the future, we might add some sort of tagging system to it. But that's something we need to mull over, to figure out the best way to do it.

Greenlights gives a stream of the latest games to be available for green light. Hopefully you'll be able to attain some extra votes for your game through this stream.

Smart lady is smart.

I wanted to add this video as it contains important information on how to get good return on your work. It's a video on marketing. Essentially, it boils down to this: screen shots and videos you upload should ideally be hitting the part of the brain that says “Shut up and take my money”.

Also she discusses a landing page for your website (At around 21:00 mark). Which should sound very similar to a Gamebrew profile page. This is not by accident. This just happens to be a great way for someone visiting your game's page to get a quick and good idea of what kind of game it is.

The debate on when you should talk about your game.

First off, when and how you talk about your game is your decision, not mine. I'm going to give you my opinion here, take it for what it is: one guy's opinion. You make your own decisions on what you're comfortable with. That's the fun of being an indie developer. These are your projects, and you get to control them.

As for the debate, in my opinion this boils down to your goals, and how much influence you have. If you simply want to make a game for yourself and don't have much interest in how many people play it, then you don't need to post screen shots or talk about your game. It's just you and your game. That's totally ok.

But if your goal is to attempt to do this as a full time gig, you'll probably be more interested in getting eyes on your game.

If you're someone that is well known in the industry and has a lot of influence, perhaps you know journalists and the such. Then you might be able to use that influence and only talk about your game when you're done.

If you're someone like me and you're new to making games, have zero influence, just a keyboard and a dream, then you might want to think about how to get eyes on your game now. When you talk about your game while developing it, you have many opportunities to attract attention to your game. If you only talk about your game when you're done, you severely limited your opportunities to talk about it. We've added the feature where people can sign up to be emailed when your game is done specifically for development. You can grow that list of the people interested in your game as you develop.

If you're new to developing games, getting screen shots out there for feedback isn't bad either. You can gauge people's interest in your project by how they react to what you publish.

I'm including a video here that covers this subject. This is the video that convinced me to show early what I'm working on.

I recommend watching the whole thing. At the 11:00 mark it gets good.

At 27:00 he describes that PR is not about the game review and starts getting into showing your work early. Again, I recommend the whole thing.

Adding a game

To add a game it's pretty simple. Just create an account, login and in the nav is a button to add a game. Also there is a similar link on your user profile. Here is a link just in case.

Any issues, please send me a message.

This site is still brand new. I've spent a lot of time working on it, and getting it into a good position. There is plenty more on my list of things to work on. But I'm releasing it now instead of getting stuck in permanent development. I guess you can say it's still in the alpha state. If you run into any issues. Please send me a private message on here. I'll try to fix anything that's broken.

One more thing.

If anybody uses the email to notify their subscribers that they've moved up a development level. Please give me a heads up, as I would like to watch it and make sure it works ok. That feature has been developed using Amazon's web services SES. As this website is new we are limited to 50k emails a day. I want to make sure that feature works correctly.