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Joined: Aug 10, 2016

Hello! We're Prisma Wave Studios the creators of the iOS mobile game Ollie and Flip.

You can download it via the AppStore here:

We'll be releasing our second game Toodle's Toboggan this fall! Learn more about it here!


Toodle's Toboggan

Android : published - v1.0 Toodle's Toboggan on Google Play
iOS : development - v1.0 Toodle's Toboggan on iOS
Sled, ski, or snowboard with Toodle and his friends on an endless epic run!

Ollie and Flip Snowboard

iOS : published - v1.0.7 App Store
Ollie and Flip - Arcade Snowboarding is easy to play -- drag to steer, tap to jump, and flick to trick in the air. Play through 20 challenge levels and the endless runner "Longtooth Mountain!"