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InVRse Angel

Joined: Oct 24, 2016

My name is Angel and I am a volunteer community manager in the Seattle indie community. I am also currently representing InVRse Studios because I believe VR is the future, and not just for gaming! My personal goal is to design accessible VR games to everyone.

InVRse studio is located in Seattle, WA, USA founded in 2015.

Currently, "The Nest' is in early access and "The Wake" is in development, but will be demoed for Halloween.

About The Team:

Ryan: 3D artist, animator, game designer, and veteran of several indie start-ups. He got his start in room-scale AR shortly after moving to Seattle with the company CastAR. There he headed up the creative side of the demo team and got his name on a few technology patents along the way. By 2015 he was contracting with half a dozen AR and VR companies in Seattle, mostly on room-scale, and designed his first Vive hit, "Ninja Trainer" later renamed Zenblade.

Victor: an Unreal Engine prodigy who was, at the time, teaching Unreal courses at the Chronos VR dev school. Victor had spent his youth touring Europe as a professional drummer, but became obsessed with VR after obtaining the first Oculus developer kit. His skill and speed with Unreal Engine make it possible to craft VR prototypes in minutes, rather than weeks.

Victor number 2: Hired in September, he is another developer helping us make our games :D

Hunter: Ryan's oldest childhood friend, and took on the role of CEO as well as providing enough operating capital to hire a few sub-contractors and to attend trade shows. Hunter was a professional touring guitarist long before becoming a finance and mortgage guru.

Josh: COO, Fixer, International Business Specialist, Josh has made his mark with ventures ranging from social media to cyber-research and emotional behavior analytics. He is fluent in Chinese and an avid tabletop game designer.

Adam: Level designer. Joined the team November 2016, and came to Seattle from North Carolina.

Rachel: Intern hired in November, she helps us make logos and helps edit our stuff!


The Nest

Steam : development -
PC : beta -
The Nest is a futuristic Virtual Reality sniper game built for the HTC Vive with multiplayer capabilities coming soon. Check out our videos!

The Wake

Steam : development - Steam Store Page
PC : development - Steam Store Page
A Hack and Slash zombie killing game! What more could you ask for a Halloween VR game?