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YAARRGH! Battle Island / We are now on Steam - oh Yeah ye Pirates

Written: Jun 13, 2021

Another step with a worn-out shoe, with every step, feels like two steps closer, on...

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Quote Codes / Quote Codes is available for Pre-Order on the App Store

Written: Jan 8, 2018

We have some exciting news to share. Quote Codes is available for pre-order on the App Store.

Yes, you...

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The Imperial Realm::Miranda / The Imperial Realm::Miranda - Return of The Fallen

Written: Dec 19, 2017

Emperor Cauto I was hailed as a saviour when he single-handedly ended years of pitched...

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Krydor – Space Pirate Arcade / Retro Dodge ‘Em Up Krydor Space Pirate Zooms Onto Android

Written: Dec 16, 2017

Indie developer Hypso Games has released a pulse pounding new arcade dodge’ em up about saving the galaxy via artful buccaneering called Krydor Space Pirate. As an outer space privateer it’s up...

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Defend The Cake / Strategic Tower Defense 'Defend the Cake' Launches on Steam!

Written: Dec 6, 2017

Launch Trailer:

Download Defend the Cake for $4.99...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.8 - more news!

Written: Nov 5, 2017

Version 0.5.8 is here! Melee combat has been redesigned, as well as several maps. Check the following video!

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Mystery numbers - magic square / Story behind mystery numbers

Written: Oct 17, 2017

The Indian legendary mathematician Ramanujan invented the magic square. He created a 4x4 magic square using his birth date in such a way that addition of all rows, columns and diagonals was...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.7 - major update!

Written: Oct 3, 2017

Version 0.5.7 is finally here! A lot of changes have been made in this new version.

All special effect (explosions, magic, etc) have been improved.

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The Imperial Realm::Miranda / The Imperial Realm::Miranda Nemesis Update

Written: Sep 26, 2017

The Nemesis Update to The Imperial Realm::Miranda is now live for all players.

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YAARRGH! Battle Island / Feature List for our Game

Written: Aug 8, 2017

The future of YAARRGH! is looking very bright. We are overcoming many challenges creating the INDEV, but now it’s time to make YAARRGH! The...

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YAARRGH! Battle Island / YAARRGH! Me Matey!

Written: Jul 30, 2017

YAARRGH! Is an adventure pirate fantasy open-world sandbox game, set in the Victorian era, in the age of steam with a hint of advanced technology called electricity. Sail the...

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Super Space Slayer 2 / The Story of Plasma Beam Games

Written: Jul 25, 2017

The game that would be known as

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MeowDown / MeowDown Kickstarter Is Live!

Written: Jun 20, 2017

MeowDown has gone live on Kickstarter, after working for half a year on this project we think we finally have enough contend to show people what our idea idea is and what we need to finish the...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.4 - new allies, magic and optimizations!

Written: Apr 2, 2017

Version 0.5.4 has arrived! First magic spell has been added to medieval characters (only the crusader for now, Ricardo). This will give those characters a better use on ranged attacks....

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Thwart Geo-Addictive Arcade Shooter / THWART GEO MAJOR UPDATE NOW LIVE

Written: Mar 30, 2017

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia - March 30, 2017 - Indie Game...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.3 - New arcade mode

Written: Mar 12, 2017

Version 0.5.3 is here. Along with several fixes, you can now activate the Arcade mode in Game settings menu. If checked, all enemy sounds are changed: attack sounds, death sounds and...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.2 - New medieval playable character: The Crusader

Written: Mar 12, 2017

Version 0.5.2 is finally here. You can now play as the Crusader: a medieval character. As a crusader, you can hire medieval allies and buy superweapons based on magic. Don’t miss the full...

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Pool Party Panic / Start Open Beta Pool Party Panic

Written: Jan 26, 2017

So, here is the open beta. We are quite happy how far we have come with this game, but there are still lots of things to fix, upgrade and add. It’s also quite exiting to release our first game...

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.1 - Christmas themed

Written: Dec 31, 2016

Version 0.5.1 is here. You can now play the new map Christmas Defense!

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Clash of Aggression / Update 0.5.0 - New game mode and more gore!

Written: Dec 11, 2016

Version 0.5.0 is finally here. It features a new game mode: Survival. In this game mode the enemy spawn rate is higher and you can’t win: you should last as much as you can. This new game...

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